My full name is Leyre, but everybody calls me Ley.

I studied the BA of Illustration and Animation at the IED in Barcelona, where I lived and worked for four years. Then I challenged myself to live and improve my technical and personal skills abroad, working as aupair for 10 months, and then getting to work as an icon artist for the award winning game Rory's Story Cubes at The Creativity Hub in Belfast. I have been living in my hometown for a year now where I have volunteered and worked as Illustrator for the Food Bank of Navarra. Now I'm moving to Bengaluru to work for a game-based learning platform called Learning Yogi as a Senior Artist. When I don't have a job or I am free, I keep working on some personal projects, such as children's and picture books, videogames and illustrations.

Something else that has been one of my passions since I was a kid are picture books. I would love to inspire both children and adults, illustrating and telling stories about different experiences and emotions; sparking curiosity through nature, animals, the mysterious universe, with a touch of fantasy; encouraging creativity and imagination.

I'm always ready for a new adventure, and I am willing to travel, work abroad and work hard... And I've always wanted to have a dragon.

I have work experience in illustration, graphic design, animation, publicity and board games illustration. 

I am a team player and a fast learner with good communication skills and the ability to adjust quickly to new situations. I'm able to work under direct supervision but also independently.

I aim to work in a creative studio, where I can bring fresh ideas, high quality art work and a smile every morning; one that allows me to develop my skills as illustrator and an innovative designer. 

I enjoy picture books, comics, animation, videogames, and a wide range of music, series and films. I love travelling, discovering new places and cultures; learning from people, spending time outdoors, actual socialising, sharing experiences, good conversations and laughing. I am interested in human and animal rights, feminism, psichology, philosophy, health and nutrition, science, physics, astronomy, technology, biology, sustainability, the Universe, sci-fi, fantasy... specially unicorns and dragons.